Originally attending college for dietetics, psychology and journalism, Christina Walker has been writing for herself and various publications for over 25 years. Miss Walker has been working in the Holistic Health field for nearly 20 years, has spent 22 years in the food service/restaurant industry, and has traveled extensively for both personal and professional endeavors. She has written for school newspapers, web sites, newsletters and magazines. Christina has also been interviewed on WNPV radio.

Her major freelance topics include Holistic Health, Yoga, Nutrition, Massage, Stress Management, Travel and Dining. Below you will find just a few of her most recent clips:

"As the leaves change and the Autumn air becomes brisk and invigorating, we begin to think of Jack-O-Lanterns and holiday feasts. Out bodies are also shifting and re-balancing. My 8-year old daughter asked me, "Why don't we hibernate in the winter like the bears of fly South like the geese?" Hmmm...good question. Though some of us do have the good fortune to become "snowbirds" and head for warmer destinations, the rest of us must winter in our hometowns....And certainly, sometimes, it really does feel like we could curl up and take a long winter's nap..." from "Fall Harvest", News from Zaidee

"Being bred, born and raised in a country where selfish desire is the main driving force behind our actions, it is difficult to embrace the idea of selfless service. The theory has grown on me, however, and begun to make perfect sense. The idea of being "unattached" to the fruits of our labors has taken much pressure off living life. One of my favorite sayings is, "Expectations lead to frustrations and limitations"....On Karma Yoga, for YogaLife Institute

"As sunrise came and the rhythmic sound of the rolling surf lulled me from my slumber, I cleared my eyes and noticed how soft and sweet the air is here on Maui. Time to get up, I thought! The intensely delicious aroma of Kona coffee came from the kitchen. The thought of the day's activities began to entice my jet-lagged psyche. Now wandering onto the deck of our lovely Villa on the North Shore, in Paia, I gasped in joy as I saw the amazing ocean view for the first time in the daylight. We have our own surfers, right off the rocky shoreline, flip-flopping and hot-dogging, seemingly just for our own entertainment! And in the distance a Humpback Whale breached and played"...from "One of My Favorite Days on Maui", for a travel website

"As you walk into the restaurant, the first thing one notices in the modern décor and impeccably clean appearance of the main dining room. Every wine glass is polished and perfectly aligned, the settings of silver gleam and the air is filled with the tantalizing aromas of what is yet to come. Warm honey wheat bread served with wonderfully soft resemary butter is our first delight, along with the fact that the wait staff is pleasant, attractive and very professional"...Restaurant Review for dining website

Christina's writing style is versatile and creative. She appeals to a wide variety of readers, both in age and subject. Please feel free to inquire for further writing samples.

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