...I have been using Christina Walker as my massage therapist for over a year and I am extremely pleased with the help she has given me.

As a professional aerobatic pilot (stunt flying) my daily practice regimen requires repetitive full exertion of my right arm while moving the controls abruptly during my routines. Over time this has caused problems with my right elbow and forearm to the extent that I began to experience weakness in that arm. Christina has alleviated this weakness and the pain associated with it. Prior to receiving her therapy I was unable to solve this problem even after numerous visits to doctors and the use of medications. Now I have full strength from receiving therapy on an ongoing basis, I will retain it.

I recommend Christina highly due to her professional approach to healing the body naturally and her concern for her patient's well being.

Bruce A. Everett
Flight Instructor and Aerobatic Pilot

.....We all work hard at our daily lives, and deserve to be pampered. The once a month massage gives me an opportunity to let someone take care of me, for a change. I like to combine my massage with with a session of Reiki. When I leave I am relaxed, and the next day I feel happy and euphoric. Try it and I can be sure you will agree.....

David C. Horn
Master Woodworker

....Throughout all the years that Christina has massaged me, she has known exactly what to do to relieve my pain, tension and stress. Her years in practice, and her recent advanced massage education makes me believe that my future therapy will be of the highest quality.........

Don Landolt
Software Engineer

.....Complete and utter relaxation! I was suffering with daily chronic headaches and had tried every therapy available, with very few positive results. Christina's massages got me up and running, and so much better. I have recently relocated, and have not found another massage therapist to match her skill and expertise............

Charlotte Kirschner
Graduate Student, George Washington University

.....The work I do is extreme, and extremely physical. My body usually aches, but since I have been diagnosed with Lyme's Disease it has been even more so. The massage techniques combined with the moist heat therapy (hot packs) have helped me to feel like myself again. Christina is truly brilliant as a body worker!........

Samuel E. Stoop III
Owner of S&S Farming

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