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Located in the Heart of Bucks County, PA, Holistic Oasis Healing Center combines Massage, Yoga and Nutrition to provide a virtual Oasis for the Body, Mind and Spirit. Call us today to schedule your mini-vacation!

Our Mission Statement:

In giving ourselves time and opportunity to heal from within, we also allow ourselves to grow mentally, physically, emotionally and Spiritually. We become more able to be aware of what is around us, and how the Universe interacts with everything. The idea of “holism” blends body, mind and Spirit. It is knowing a higher power than one's self. We invite you to look into your heart and be who you really are...

At Holistic Oasis we fine tune each individualized session, whether it be Neuromuscular Therapy, Reiki, Yoga, Health and Nutritional Counseling, Reflexology, or any other modality, or a blended session incorporating 2 or more components, giving care and attention to each client's special needs.

It is our hope and utmost ambition to provide a sacred Oasis for our clients. To create a healthy break in daily routine and help everyone to take charge of his or her well-being.

Make time for a very special, wonderfully relaxing and superbly rejuvenating experience. Enjoy personal growth, more freedom from pain, increased mobility, greater vitality and an exquisite pampering of the senses and Spirit.

Empower yourself to a higher State of Health and Wellness!

We look forward to seeing you!

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